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Property Taxes are about to Rise Thanks to Bill 23

Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, is an atrocity that will screw us over in many ways. I lightly touched on it a couple months ago in a little blurb, though I did not get into the full extent of how problematic it really is. Now that I’ve had the chance to listen … Continue reading

Ontario’s New Housing Legislation and Municipal Planning

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing passed the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, as a measure to increase the supply of affordable housing quickly by removing red tape, streamlining the development approval process and reducing development costs. Anyone who’s been following local politics during the recent municipal elections is probably … Continue reading

It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Of course it should be every day, but I just wanted to devote a post to acknowledge the long Indigenous history of Turtle Island, where I’m privileged to have lived my entire life. It is worthy to note that Davenport Road, located a few hundred metres from my home on Spadina Road, has quite a … Continue reading

Seven Reasons Highway 413 should be Stopped

It may not reduce your commute time. Proponents claim it will save commuters 30 minutes each way, which is bullshit. The latest analysis summarized in an MTO briefing note prepared by a credible past colleague of mine states that this calculation doesn’t even take into account the 407 ETR, an underunderutilized east-west corridor which may … Continue reading

What is Passion?

It was the very first question I was asked in a recent job interview. Not exactly the most typical way to kick off a job interview. As usual, I expected something along the lines of “introduce yourself and why are you qualified for this position?”, but the panel chose to be less conventional this time. … Continue reading


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